Anne Kellie


Anne Kellie is a world traveler and nature enthusiast who began painting as an outlet for creative expression. Born in Arizona, Anne spent her youth hiking and exploring the beauty of the desert red rocks in her backyard. She now takes her paints with her as she travels to new destinations. Much of Anne’s work is inspired by Mother Nature, the Cosmos, and the workings of the inner-world- the psyche. Her paintings depict abstract realist scenes that take the viewer on a journey to another world. Anne’s adventure seeking spirit often carries over to her paintings through her use of vibrant colors and scenic imagery. An emerging artist, she hopes to inspire others longing to brave their own journey of self-discovery. As Edmund Hillary said, “It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” After completing the mastery course at Milan Art Institute, she embarked on a voyage into the art world and began her series “The Voyage Home,” which centers around the astronaut exploring the world around and often alluding to the world within.


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