Kelle R O'Dahl


Kelle R O’Dahl (KRO) was born in Janesville, Wisconsin. She Graduated from the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design (M.I.A.D) in 1995 with a double major in Painting and Silk Screen. Later she moved to the Salt Lake Valley in 2001. Kelle works with all mediums, focusing mostly on Oil chalk, Oil paint, and watercolors. Her art has been showcased through the UAF Gallery “Three Contemporary Woman” series, the S.L. Gallery Stroll, as well as Album and Book covers.

Artists Statement:

My Dreams are extremely important to me; they allow me to reflect on the past, examine the present and guide my intuition into the future. By utilizing mixed mediums, I am able to capture those symbolic truths layered within the dreamscapes and bring them forth into painting. And yet as much of myself and my experiences that I put into my art I find the most fulfilment when others see something completely unique.



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