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With my art I am honoring the importance of women and their contributions to life and society throughout the ages.  I am presenting positive images of the combination of strength and femininity.  

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Pamala Bird, a native Utahn residing in St. George, is a sculptor, printmaker, and graphic designer. She is also a mother and grandmother, and considers her children to be her greatest works of art.  She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Utah State University and has exhibited widely and received awards and recognition for her artwork.  She is currently creating an art series about "Feminine Archetypes Around the World and Through the Ages" in the unusual medium of Hand Cast Paper Relief Sculpture. 

Pamala became fascinated at an early age by art and mythology, and was especially drawn to  the images of women and goddesses in ancient art.  Many ancient cultures honored the concept of the “Great Nurturing Mother” as goddesses in their artwork and mythology as well as other feminine attributes such as, wisdom compassion and abundance.  Something about those ancient images resonated deeply within her.   She is now creating her own icons celebrating the importance and contributions of women and mothers to life and society,  using some of the art styles and symbols from each culture. She approaches it as if she were a “time traveler” creating her own version or interpretation of the particular “Archetype/Goddess” from the perspective of a contemporary woman, but in a manner that would be recognizable and “readable” to people from that time and place.  These are not copies of ancient artworks.

A great deal of time is invested in researching, designing and sculpting each piece, after which a mold is made and the final artwork is cast with handmade paper pulp made from cotton linters in her kitchen blender.  Some are “patinated” with acrylics and oils, and some are left the natural white of the handmade paper.  She does have a few in cold cast bronze.

Researching and creating these images has been personally empowering and has helped her to honor and value her own femininity, and to see the strength and beauty in it. Each Feminine Archetype is accompanied by “Her Story” and information about her culture and her iconography. Pamala says, "With my art I am paying homage to all those women who have been quietly maintaining, sustaining and holding the world together for centuries.  This is an ongoing labor of love."  

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