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Artistic Adventures Kids' Art Class

$100 $120


This is the perfect class for your creative kid! No artistic skill is necessary, as we will explore all mediums and creative implementation. We will offer all types of art for your child to experiment and play with to find what they love best: perhaps it's the design and idea phase, or engineering and mock-up creation... or perhaps it's painting or wire sculpting? No matter what type of creator your child is, the artist inside them will be nurtured in this VERY hands-on class! :)

Class Format:

This is a "meet the masters" style class where they will learn for the first ten minutes about famous artists, such as Picasso, Kahlo, or Mondrian. Then they will have an opportunity to create their own cubist-Picasso portrait or an abstract Mondrian with simple lines and squares! They will learn art history, elements of design and balance, how to create a mock-up, wire sculpting, pastels, collage, and painting.

Class Times & Guidelines

Tuesdays from 4:30-5:30 starting October 4-Nov 15 (no class on Oct 25) 6 weeks!
  • Cost: $120 (all art supplies included)
  • Safety: This art class is held in Art Provides, which is also a gallery. Your kids will be inspired by the artists who display their artwork there! However, most artists have a strict "You break it, you bought it" policy since some pieces take months for them to create! You'll want to explain to your child how to behave respectfully in an art gallery, and we will do our best to keep them away from any fragile items. As much as we would like you to purchase art from the gallery, we'd rather it be because you love it, not begrudgingly because your child was rowdy or destructive! :)
  • Proper dress: we will provide aprons and gloves for the kids, but accidents happen, so it is best to send them in clothes that can get dirty or stained! Art class is much more fun when it's ok to get messy!

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