Creative ART SPA – Growing in Presence - Mirrored Drawing

$34 $44

Ready for THE most unique art night you have ever been on? 

Creative Kinesthetic Mindfulness - Mirrored Drawing

For this event, we will use a powerful exercise of kinesthetic drawing/mirrored drawing and watercolors to develop deeper connections, intuition, and understanding of how we relate to each other and creatively release our mental barriers.   

  • Each creative ART SPA event focuses on a specific topic, a short guided meditation to inspire, and an art medium that best fits the theme.
  • Come connect, create, and play at this amazing all-inclusive event! Creative ART SPA!
  • No artistic or meditation experience is necessary, just an open mind!

  • No refreshments are provided but you can bring your own to this event. 

Can't make it? Book your own private event!

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