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Circle Moon by Megan Nelson


Circle Moon is a handcrafted clothing and accessories line. Founded by Megan Nelson in the southwest desert of Utah. Fascinated by color and the natural elements of the world, Megan studied Interior Design in college and found a niche within clothing design and textile class. Megan holds an ethos of slow fashion and creating in an intentional way with a consideration for the earth, the people, plants and animals that live here.

"I have spent the last few years stepping into a practice of making clothing and dyeing textiles while creating Circle Moon.  I hand dye my own textiles with plants, plant dye and other natural color, source natural and or repurposed textiles, utilize craft and allow for natural imperfections within my dyeing process. I like to think of blurring the past and the future while working on my pieces, time slow vs. fast, also themes of femineity, delicacy and strength. I have created my clothing and accessories line in honor of my matrilineal shepherdess line. I also work to create my clothing items entirely from start to finish local to me in the Southern Utah desert."

With a focus on art, process, women and textiles, Circle Moon is for the nature and beauty lover who appreciates having more connection with the earth, artisan work and meaningfully made items. Special fashion pieces made for on the go lifestyles; also for slowing down and tuning in. Every purchase is a contribution to the land, animals and women artisans in Southern Utah. 

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