Spring Show Call for Entries: "Gearhead" - Exploring Gears in Art
Submission Deadline: 1/20/2024
Exhibition Dates: March 2nd - May 29th 2024
Location: ART Provides Studio & Gallery

The world is a complex machine, composed of intricate gears both mechanical and mental. Artists, we invite you to delve into this fascinating theme and express your unique perspective on "Gearhead" through your chosen medium. Whether you're a sculptor, painter, photographer, digital artist, or work in any other medium, we want to see how you interpret the concept of gears in your creative process.


"Gears" can be interpreted in various ways, including, but not limited to:
  • Mechanical gears and machinery
  • Mental gears, the inner workings of the human mind
  • Gear symbolism in everyday life
  • The interconnectedness of systems
  • The synchronization of time and motion
  • The beauty of mechanical precision
  • The chaos of a world that relies on gears to function

Submission Guidelines:

  • Eligibility: Open to artists of all levels, backgrounds, and experience.
  • Medium: All visual arts media are welcome, including but not limited to painting, drawing, sculpture, digital art, photography, and mixed media.
  • Originality: Submitted artwork should be original and fit the theme of this exhibition.
  • Number of Entries: Each artist may submit up to 8 available works for consideration.
  • Submission Fee: $30 per artist
  • Image Requirements: High-resolution images (JPG or PNG format) should be submitted along with a brief description of each artwork.
  • Submission Deadline: Please submit your work digitally by 1/20/2024
  • Notification: Artists whose works are selected will be notified by 1/27/2024 
  • Drop Art: Artist should drop off their artwork to the gallery between 2/21-2/24/2024
  • Delivery/Shipping: Artists are responsible for delivering or shipping their artwork to the specified location, or providing high-resolution digital files for online exhibitions.

Exhibition, Sponsorship and Awards:

Selected artworks will be showcased in our gallery or online exhibition, depending on the format. Artists will have the opportunity to sell their work if desired, with a standard gallery commission of 40% applied.

We are seeking sponsors for our awards, permit, entertainment and refreshments at the opening happen to make this our new big spring event. If you know anyone with a custom shop, car show organizer, car dealer or other gearhead that would love to collaborate let us know. Let's make this a great community annual event. 

Awards and prizes, if applicable, will be announced during the exhibition opening. 


For inquiries or more information, please email the curator at info@artprovides.org

Join us in celebrating the intricacies of the world we live in, both mechanically and mentally, as we explore the concept of "Gearhead" through the eyes of talented artists. We look forward to seeing your interpretations of gears in art!

How to Submit:

  1. Provide your available inventory in your application and ensure those works will be available until the end of the exhibit. 
  2. If you would like to show additional works for context please provide them as a link to a website. 
  3. Please ensure that your art is available for the duration of the exhibition. If necessary, include return labels with your artwork.
  4. Please complete the submission form below and upload your inventory list for consideration.

    Download the inventory list template Here.