The Goddess Self

Photography Series by Renee Renick

Showing: 11/5/2020–11/30/2020

Opening Reception: 11/12/2020

Artist Workshop "The Goddess Self" 11/19/2020 (more info)

Renee was inspired to create a visual display of emotional aspects depicting how Humanity mirrors Mother Nature. By displaying Divine Feminine poses and visual backdrops of desert and mountain setting of Southern Utah, she was able to capture an essence of Gaia in physical form. Each photograph portrays authentic phases of growth and evolution of the Human condition and the Earth as a sentient being. Renee believes that everything is energy, frequency and love, and all things are connected in this quantum matrix.


Renee resides in St. George, Utah. Her love of the diverse landscaping and colorful terrain has kept her here for 24 years. She is the owner of Evolving Shaman-Earth Keeper’s Alchemy and Goddess Self Photography. Her passion is the evolution of the Soul Self and the discovery process that leads to personal spiritual growth and radical, purposeful self-development.