If Mugs Could Talk
January 11 - February 4, 2023

If this mug could talk what would it say? 

In the spirit and conjunction with the 2023 Claycon West Conference and The Tilted Kiln ART Provides will be showcasing a collection of narrative mugs that tell a story. 

Below is the call to artist form. Some things to note. 

  • Application fee is $10 per application
  • The information from this form will be used for the display label and marketing. 
  • Please include in your description the price of your mug including commission and shipping.
  • Gallery fee is 30% of listed price + cc payment method fee if applicable.

Important Dates:

Submission Deadline 12/15/2022

Notification if accepted 12/20/2022

Drop Off Deadline 1/6/2022 (can be earlier)

Your mug must remain in the show until 2/5 for pickup. If a mug needs to be shipped to a seller that is the responsibility of the artist.