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Paint the Music Night


Creative ART SPA Presents


Indie Folk Rocker & Spoken-Word Poet

Ready for THE most creative paint night you have ever been on?

Find the connection, relaxation, and inspiration you’ve been looking for.

Acrylic Painting to LIVE Music - 2 hours

Bring your stick figure talents and refreshments and leave the rest to me 🎨🙃

No artistic experience is necessary, just an open mind!

Upcoming Shows 2022

  • OCTOBER: Aiden Barrick they/he

    Indie Folk Rocker & Spoken-Word Poet

  • NOVEMBER: Everest they/she

    My music style is folk/indie pop. My music's foreground is a mixture of LGBTQ representation, mental health visibility, & personal identity.  What distinguishes it from most music it's that it's completely raw for me, in the way that my main focus is not on tempo, or rhyme and more on the emphasis on singing the meaning behind the song. (:


    You asked so we answered! Painters your participation remains the same. We also have some new fun canvas shapes to pick from for this one! 

    Any performer that wants to come and jam for up to 10min Please reach out to 435.319.0788 with questions or just SHOW UP, SIGN UP, AND do your thing! 

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