Skeptic's Tarot

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Skeptic's Tarot
by Darren Edwards

A R T  E X H I B I T I O N

EXHIBIT DATES 5/3-6/24, 2023


A firm skeptic, photographer and writer Darren M. Edwards may not believe in the divining power of tarot cards to predict the future, but he does believe in the power of art, metaphor, and self reflection, and that tarot cards, like any art form, can serve as an excellent lens for self analysis and understanding.

Contemporary philosopher Alain de Botton says, “The most boring and unproductive question one can ask of any religion is whether or not it’s true.” Edwards would extend that to any belief. Using a critical eye (and mind) Edwards has re-examined each of the 22 major arcana, from The Fool to The World, asking how each of their meanings may need to change to fit a modern society, and then expressed those ideas in beautiful fine art photographs.