How would you finish this sentence? ART Provides_______.


— Art provides a way of knowing, being, and becoming.

 Art brings us new experiences and exposes us to new ways of thinking.

 It stimulates growth, and paints our world in vibrant colors.

 It depicts in any amount of detail our understanding of our culture and traditions.

 It can make us laugh, cry, give or take away a breath, and render us without words.

 Art gives voice to the untranslatable.

 It pushes our boundaries, heals our hurts, softens and deepens our lives.

 Art enriches our memories and makes bare walls exist beyond space and time.



 Creativity drives society forward!

Since 2019 ART Provides is on a quest to answer this question and build bridges between an individual’s external and internal experiences, between one person and another, among groups of people, and between individuals and their cultural contexts. 

We believe in the importance, power and positive effect art can make on our community as a whole and on peoples mental and emotional vitality. Whether your creativity is your career, a hobby or a curiosity our goal is to teach people how to let themselves be creative. I hope that I can inspire you today to be a part of an organization that is on a mission to educate, advocate and inspire creativity, mindfulness and facilitate a healing that needs to be cultivated in hopes of a better world.

ART Provides your mind, body, and spirit with the tools and hands-on experiences to feed your creative practice. Whether you’re a pictures or words person, ART Provides something for everyone!

Check our calendar for upcoming art shows, talks, meet-ups, demonstrations, and hands-on workshops both in the space and on the website.

Gallery Space

  • Art Exhibits - All mediums

Studio Events

  • Paint the Music Night
  • Jazz Night
  • Slam Poetry Night
  • Improv
  • Open Studio Time
  • Art Talks, Classes & Workshops
  • The home of the St George Plein Air
  • Creative ART SPA




We are making some key improvements to the gallery as of JAN 1 that will alow us to expand!

We no longer require a paid membership to participate. Moving forward there’s only a $30 application fee to submit up to 8 pieces of art of any medium to be curated into an exhibit.

We are also not a traditional Commercial Gallery.

We are a Gallery & Studio for artists to show their work in curated exhibits and have an open studio to teach, take classes, and workshops.

Because artists need to be curated into thoughtful short term exhibits we do not do gallery representation and so we encourage artists to show their work in other spaces and invite non local artists to participate in the conversation.

We aim to curate these themed conversations around art and provide a space for awe and inspiration in our community through exhibits and community events!




ART Provides would like to give a special thank you to everyone that has supported us. To our members, and to anyone who has attended or purchased tickets to events and/or donated their time and resources.

A special thanks to our fiscal sponsor Arts to Zion so that we are able to run as a non profit.

And a thank you to the grants received from the Utah Division of Arts & Museums, and the Miner Foundation