Experience Art in a New Light at ART Provides:
Igniting Conversations, Nurturing Connections

At ART Provides, we believe that art is not just a form of expression but a catalyst for personal growth and connection. Through our diverse range of exhibits, thought-provoking displays, and interactive experiences, we curate compelling conversations that bridge the gap between artists and the community. We aim to create a vibrant space where artists' voices are amplified, diverse perspectives are celebrated, and the transformative power of art is harnessed to nurture meaningful connections. Join us at ART Provides and experience art in a new light as we ignite conversations and nurture connections that inspire, engage, and enrich cultural contexts.


At ART Provides Gallery & Studio, our mission is to curate compelling exhibits that serve as bridges between artists and the community, fostering meaningful conversations and connections. We believe in the transformative power of art to inspire dialogue, provoke thought, and promote cultural understanding. Through thoughtfully curated exhibits, interactive experiences, and engaging events, we aim to create a vibrant space where artists and the community come together to explore, learn, and grow.


Our vision is to be a dynamic and inclusive hub where art becomes a catalyst for dialogue, understanding, and social change. We envision ART Provides as a place where artists' voices are amplified, diverse perspectives are celebrated, and the power of art is harnessed to cultivate connections that transcend boundaries. By curating exhibits that inspire conversations and fostering a welcoming environment, we aspire to be at the forefront of artistic and community engagement, nurturing a more empathetic and connected society. 

About ART Provides Gallery & Studio:

Welcome to ART Provides Gallery & Studio, a vibrant and inclusive platform dedicated to curating compelling exhibits that bridge the gap between artists and the community. We believe that art has the power to spark conversations, ignite imaginations, and foster connections that transcend cultural and societal boundaries.

At ART Provides, we curate exhibits that go beyond the traditional gallery experience. Our goal is to create thought-provoking displays that engage visitors on a deeper level, inviting them to participate actively in the conversation. We believe that art is a powerful tool for social change and cultural understanding, and we strive to curate exhibits that address relevant social issues, celebrate diversity, and amplify underrepresented voices.

Our exhibits are not just static displays; they are dynamic spaces where artists and the community can come together. Through artist talks, panel discussions, and workshops, we foster meaningful connections between artists and visitors, encouraging dialogue and the exchange of ideas. We believe that these conversations enrich the artistic experience, deepen our understanding of the exhibited works, and strengthen the bonds within our community.

In addition to our physical gallery space, we leverage digital platforms to extend the reach and impact of our exhibits. Our website, social media channels, and virtual exhibits provide opportunities for broader community engagement and ongoing conversations. We embrace technology as a means to amplify artists' voices and make art accessible to a wider audience.

Join us at ART Provides Gallery & Studio and become part of a vibrant community that celebrates the power of art to inspire, connect, and provoke change. Whether you're an artist looking for a platform to share your work or a community member seeking meaningful artistic experiences, we invite you to be a part of our journey as we curate exhibits that foster compelling conversations and bridge the gap between artists and the community.

 Creativity drives society forward!

Check our calendar for upcoming art shows, talks, meet-ups, demonstrations, and hands-on workshops both in the space and on the website.

Gallery Space

  • 2024 Art Exhibits
    • Moving Light
    • Gearhead Art Show
    • Herstory
    • St Plein Air Exhibit
    • ART Provides 5 Year Anniversary Exhibit
  • 2025 Art Exhibits
    • ART Provides 5 Year Anniversary (continued)
    • Gearhead Art & Show
    • Cosmic Realms
    • St Plein Air Exhibit

Studio Events & Programs
  • Creative Aging | Senior Studio
  • Paint the Music Night
  • Jazz Night
  • Slam Poetry Night
  • Improv: The Mulligan Family Reunion
  • Open Studio Time
  • Art Talks, Classes & Workshops
  • The home of the St George Plein Air Festival
  • Creative ART SPA
  • And much more!  






ART Provides would like to give a special thank you to everyone that has supported us. To our members, and to anyone who has attended or purchased tickets to events and/or donated their time and resources.

A special thanks to our fiscal sponsor Arts to Zion so that we are able to run as a non profit.

And a thank you to the grants received from the Utah Division of Arts & Museums, and the Miner Foundation