Joaquin Jimenez




I was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 1972.  As a child I grew up drawing - it was my escape. I set my creative art aside to pursue a “practical career” for almost 30 years.

In my struggle to overcome personal life crises, my creative side emerged again in 2019. I began drawing again and then began painting to help express my experiences.  It was healing and became an integral part of my life journey.

I am a self taught artist who is now pursuing a career connecting with others through the visual arts. My art is inspired by pain.  Through it I attempt to highlight our human experience and transition from darkness to light.  I believe we can’t experience the light without the darkness.  Beauty is in the contrast and the journey.  

I hope to connect with you through art by evoking emotion and provoking dialogue.  Let’s connect.


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