John Diepeveen

Triathlete Artist Makes Sculptures

Ironman artist  John Diepeveen finds a way to participate in the 2022, 70.3 race despite not qualifying.

St George, October. 25, 2022 /ART Provides/ — From October 27 through November 30, 2022, ART Provides will present a major exhibition of works by celebrated sculpture artist and triathlon athlete John Diepeveen, first generation Dutch American (b. 1967, Utah, USA). The 1st gallery exhibition of John’s sculptures, and related drawings, John’s exhibit “The Art of Athletic Movement” will showcase his work and you can see how he loves to push the the level of balance and counterbalance within the medium. Meet John and enjoy some Dutch Stroopwafels October 27-29. Ask him about Iroman while he works on some new pieces.

John was born and raised in Utah, the son of Dutch immigrants. Growing up, he enjoyed playing all types of sports, particularly soccer. He also enjoys building and creating things with his hands. Those two loves--sports and working with his hands--come together in his bronze creations. Working with Dennis Smith, and some of the foremost sculptors, John has attempted to follow their advice that "Art is Emotion."

His own creative pieces, which he has been casting since 1990, focus on animals, skiers, climbers, triathletes, and other human figures. John also enjoys mixing contemporary designs and materials with more traditional elements. Each acrylic piece is hand sculpted and cut.

Because the "lost wax" method of pouring hot bronze is an imperfect method, no two sculptures are exactly alike. Having spent nearly a decade in foundry work, John is able to cast many of his own pieces to maintain the integrity of his original sculptures.

“What I love the most about John’s work is how it captures the nuanced movement of an athlete. He engages spectators in his art in stunning moments in a notably challenging medium.” EL Gunter, Gallerist, ART Provides

Special thanks to the Arts to Zion showcase for sponsoring this exhibit by displaying a piece in their front window titled “Graceful Swimmer” additional works are on display in the ART Provides gallery upstairs.