Ashley Graf




Ashley Graf is a local Muralist with deep roots in Southern Utah. Her relationship with paint is a romantic one. Realizing she had a love for creating beautiful things she has explored color her whole life. Ashley has a fascination with “Big Art” – walls are her best canvas. As a muralist, she explores new spaces and surfaces enjoying every new challenge that comes her way. 

Lately, Ashley has been developing A Color Exploration. Mixing bright, vibrant colors together with cool blues and textures that make your child’s heart sing. She loves statements that encourage a deep dive into the mind and soul of the human experience. She’s on a mission to remind everyone that -what is going on here- our “human-ness”- is a true gift and a completely wild adventure. 


We all die and shock ourselves back to life, the only difference between us is how and when or if we ever come back to life at all, it’s so easy to get trapped.

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