Ilene Bandringa



Ilene is an award-winning photographer who has been nationally recognized for her work in both color and black and white landscape images. She has a deep love for Nature that is reflected in her images that range from being grand and sweeping to close-up and intimate. 

Ilene began experimenting with photography in the early 2000’s and entered her work into a judged show for the first time in 2014 where she won Best of Show. Since then, she has continued to hone her skills and win accolades along the way. 

She and Cliff, her husband of 20+ years, enjoy traveling the world via the back roads and exploring places that are off the beaten path. They particularly love the deserts of the southwestern United States and like sharing their experiences with others via their travel blog, YouTube videos and virtual travel guides.

Ilene and Cliff currently live in Hurricane, Utah where Ilene continues to appreciate the stunning natural beauty that surrounds her while attempting to capture it with a photograph.

Ilene is currently a member of the Southern Utah Art Guild, Gallery 873 and Arrowhead Gallery in Utah and Virgin Valley Art Association in Nevada. 

Artist Statement

I have a deep love for Mother Nature and my photographic artwork is driven by that love. Hiking and exploring the quieter places allows me to stretch out spiritually and truly appreciate what She has chosen to show me in that intimate moment. 

I attempt to capture that moment with my camera so that I may share it with others. My hope is that they will see what I see - Her breathtaking beauty that is ever-changing and endless.

Man-made objects have a place in my artwork, too. There are fascinating patterns and shapes all around if you look for them. Simply being outdoors and taking in all of the natural wonders around me restores my soul.

One of my favorite quotes is by Elliott Erwitt, “All the technique in the world doesn’t compensate for the inability to notice.”  Noticing is everything.

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