Mari Lopez



As a self-taught artist, my explorations began in fashion illustration. I would follow and emulate textures such as fabric, hair and drape of clothing on the human form. Faces fascinated me and the distortion of features became entertaining. These were primarily in pen and ink. Scale of works ranged 8x10 to 9x12.

In the late 90s, I followed my second love for things mechanical and began to illustrate vehicles, now adding “aquamedia” combined by pen and ink. Pieces were surreal by nature, drawn on paper. It was by chance that I was introduced to painting and was encouraged to stretch and gesso a large canvas and experiment with acrylic paint. There was an energy and flow that I derived from this change. These vehicles possessed facial-like qualities. Images were bent, stretched and distorted in true abstract style. They became very popular and were commissioned by many car collectors. I also created them on steel.

I was inspired to begin designing a board game and returned to the quirkiness and distortion of the human face. Selected artwork for these game cards was debuted in 2020 Itty Bitty Art Show for the Business of Art. Signed digitized images are available for this exhibit.

My artistic license is to add surprise for the viewer and not fall to categorization by anyone. 

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