Mo (Maurice) Atkin

Photo credit: Chris Caldwell


Mo (Maurice) Atkin is a native of St George. He grew up playing amongst the red rocks and communing with the desert. This is where his love for nature and a keen eye for capturing the beauty of life was born. It was during a ten-year sojourn in Colorado that Mo’s awe for humanity and bearing witness to connection grew his hobby of writing and photography into a full-time passion for capturing and expressing through art. After moving back to southern Utah in 2016, and traveling extensively over the next 2 years, across the United States in his Sprinter van, Mo became a rich storyteller. His photography can not be categorized. He has a breadth of subjects ranging from seeing the honest expression of human interaction, to the powerful force behind a musician’s love of their instrument, to the majestic beauty of nature. Mo’s subjects range from majestic mountain ranges to the tiniest leaf lost on a back wood’s trail somewhere. Mo can often be found wandering off the beaten path. He currently resides in St. George, UT with his wife Heather.

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