ART Provides & Soulessence Presents


Showing: 6/2/2021–6/25/2021

Opening Reception: 6/2/2021


Art Provides and Soul Essence are excited to invite you to come and experience Ashlee Dawn and AL Mc. Arthur, two up and coming artists for their first art exhibit

‘Expression of Change’

“Expression is different for everyone. Each person has a different way of communicating who they are and how they perceive through whichever medium feels right for them. For me, art is the most natural way I feel I can express myself, it is how I perceive and work through changes in the world and in myself.”  
—Ashlee Dawn

“Expression of Change 'means that no matter what, we can't stop change. But we can choose how we change.’”  —AL Mc. Arthur

Both of these young artist have learned to express themselves through their creative gifts by using different mediums such as oils, acrylic, ballpoint pen, colored pencils, markers etc.

OPENING: Wednesday, June 2  |  6-8pm

CLOSING: Wednesday, June 23  |  6-8pm

Light refreshments will be provided 

Thank you for supporting the Expression of Change and Art Provides!

We love to support emerging artists and to provide diversity of artworks and mediums that can challenge or transform our city with different conformations and concepts related to our experiences.

Come by ART Provides gallery and be inspired by the art.

Wednesday: 12 pm – 4pm
Thursday: 10am-1:30pm – 3:30pm-6pm
Friday: 12 pm – 4pm
Saturday - Sunday open for viewing during other events 
Or by appointment

ART Provides is located in the old Main Street Theater at 35 N Main Street

ART Provides a way of knowing, being, and becoming!