Elizabeth Gunter

On display is her series "COSMIC REALMS" intuitive painting & drawing by Elizabeth Gunter, ART Provides Owner

intuitive painting & drawing
by Elizabeth Gunter

"ART Provides a way of knowing, being, and becoming."

—Elizabeth Gunter


Elizabeth GunterElizabeth Gunter, aka EL, is an artist, graphic designer, and entrepreneur in search of creatives. Raised in New York City with one foot in New Jersey, her exposure to the fine arts began young. This grew into a deep appreciation for poetry, photography, and painting. An art scholarship drew her to The Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), and then a fateful road trip carried her to Southern Utah, where she fell in love with the red rocks beneath stark blue skies.

Elizabeth’s greatest triumphs include her two adorably precocious children, working with national brands making beneficial imprints on the world, and opening ART Provides, her very own studio, event space, and gallery in a stunning historic theater. Here she hopes to create connections through art, both inside the minds of individuals, between small groups, and within larger communities.

Away from a canvas, Elizabeth enjoys travel, exploring the great outdoors, meditation, and meeting mindful, open, authentic people. She swears in Spanish when surprised, breaks into solo dance parties to release stress, and obsesses over fancy inks. She can’t help it. Art supplies and those who use them have her heart.

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