Grace Emery Fadley


Provo/Orem based Artist, Grace Emery Fadely has spent her life exploring how to portray “real life”. Growing up as a dancer, she developed a deep passion for the human body, which inspires her to explore what it means to experience life in a body. Learning techniques in oil painting as well as sculpture, she brings to life her own experiences in a format she can use to connect with others. Inspired by figurative artists, Fadely uses a painterly style to weave together themes of memory, self-image, mental health, body image, and intimate moments.

Influenced by major events in her own life, ranging from loss of loved ones, discovery of mental illness, to a joyful marriage to her husband, Fadely works to show moments of life from her perspective, both visually and emotionally. Connecting with others by normalizing that a range of emotions happening in a body is a common human experience.

After the Spring of 2024, Fadely plans to connect with young people as a high school art teacher. Helping students be creative and explore the world of art through experimentation and "mess-making", and creating an environment where students feel supported to explore their own realities and ask their own questions through art processes.

Artist Statement: As a female artist, I delve into the complex realm of femininity and self-expression. My art questions the validity of female artists and their work being taken seriously in a male-dominated world.

Self-portraits play a pivotal role in my artistic exploration, allowing me to scrutinize my own identity within the context of societal biases. These portraits are both a canvas and a mirror, reflecting the intricacies of self-discovery. A recurring theme in my art is body image. I challenge the conventional narrative, seeking to unveil the beauty in authenticity and self-acceptance. My work offers an alternative perspective, urging viewers to embrace their bodies without judgment.

My art is a testament to the transformative power of self-expression. It challenges existing norms, fostering a conversation about female identity in the art world. Through my journey, I hope to inspire a broader dialogue on gender, identity, and self-worth, while promoting a deeper sense of beauty and acceptance.



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