Coming soon to southern Utah — ART Provides!

"Art is a way of knowing, being, and becoming" —Elizabeth Gunter  d(~!~)b

 Welcome to ART Provides! 

Please read to the end for information on how you can get involved!

We believe in the importance, power and positive effect art can make on our community as a whole and on peoples mental and emotional vitality. Whether your creativity is your career, a hobby or a dream our goal is to teach people how to let themselves be creative. I hope that I can inspire you today to be a part of an organization that is on a mission to educate, advocate and inspire creativity, mindfulness and facilitate healing that needs to be cultivated in hopes of a better world.

ART Provides is on a quest to build bridges between an individual’s external and internal experiences, between one person and another, among groups of people, and between individuals and their cultural contexts.

ART Provides your mind, body, and spirit with the tools and hands-on experiences to feed your creative practice. Whether you’re a pictures or words person, ART Provides something for everyone!

Check our calendar for upcoming art shows, talks, meet-ups, demonstrations, and hands-on workshops both in the space and on the website.

— Events —


A curated contemporary art gallery showcasing local artists with a space for artists to network and host events and workshops for artists to discuss, learn and grow together.

Creative ART SPA

Private event that uses art, meditation, and massage to provide a relaxing evening of mindfulness, relaxation, and community. These events are also available to host off-site at retreats, events, and businesses.

ART Talks

We provide educational talks for and by artists, creators, writers.

Open Mic Drop

Poetry, humor, and ideas shared to inspire and provide practice public speaking and presenting

Van Gogh's Ear

Graphic designers and techies meetup

Scribe Tribe

Writer's meetup

Bookmarks & Bibliophiles

Book club meetup

Mastering Peace

Mindfulness meditation group

Like what you see? Want to get involved in the groups or events? Contact us! 



"As we've seen, if there is no gift, there is no art. When art is created solely to be sold, it's only a commodity. A key element for the artist is the act of giving the art to someone in the tribe. (To be clear, an object or a canvas or a deliverable is not necessary for it to be art. Seeing the thing, hearing the thing, understanding the thing–that's enough for it to be art.)

If I give you a piece of art, then you can't and shouldn't' be busy assigning a monetary value to it. To do so is to take away its magic. If flight attendants charged extra for smiles, or helping you with a bag or entertaining your kid, that wouldn't be a gift and it wouldn't be art. It would be emotional labor for hire.

If I give you a piece of art, you shouldn't be required to work hard to reciprocate, because reciprocation is an act of keeping score, which involves monetizing the art, not appreciating it."

–Excerpt from "Linchpin: Are you indispensable?" by Seth Godin

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