Ashley Mayhugh



My name is Ashley Mayhugh.  Pottery is what chose me in this life.  It’s what stuck with me.  No matter where I went, it always seemed to be right there.  You could say that pottery and I were destined to be.  So I finally chose it back.  Ever since then, it has carried me.  Taken me to places I never thought I’d go.  Given me purpose.  A reason to believe in myself.  Something that is mine.  That no one can take away from me.  Something that I get to share.  An opportunity to teach a skill to others.  Pottery is more than functional or non-functional.  It is an excuse to slow down.  To focus.  To get into a creative flow.  To listen to the ether and what it has to show me.  Through me.  I am so lucky to have been chosen.

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