Alyssa Apostol


Alyssa Apostol has explored the healing modalities of Massage Therapy since 2014 and Evolutionary Astrology since 2020, and has a passion for sharing her artistic style with her clients and community.

Artist Statement: After going through an experience that I talked about, around, at and from so much that the words became meaningless, it was photography that brought me back to the experience Itself. It transcended the words I didn't know how to say about what the experience felt like in my body, in my heart, in my soul. It released the excess mind clatter through fire of triumph and tears of heartbreak. It captured the moment in a way an evaporative word never could. And it connected me to the elements of nature, which mirror the expressions of my soul. This one photosession propelled me forward in my healing journey by tapping into the Creative Consciousness that exists within us all.

Photography by Hazel Sage @herbansagephoto


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