ART Provides Senior Studio


February 23 -April 12, 2024  | St George, UT | ART Provides | Senior Studio

Fridays from 3-5 PM

Teaching Artist: Elizabeth Gunter 

Senior Studio is focused on adults 55 or older who are searching for a new, fun way to meet people and are searching to experience creativity in a rigorous, unintimidating, releasing, and rejuvenating way. This class is also great for artists ready to take their current art process to a more soulful depth while making new artful allies. Connect, learn to create with acrylics, and try out several painting styles in our annual 8-week progressive course. We provide all of the art supplies and instruction for each class.

Connect and learn to create in our new 8-week progressive course. 

We will provide all of the art supplies and instruction for each class. 

Whether participants are established artists or art curious, we will provide them with the tools and techniques in the most creative series of art classes they have ever been in. We facilitate painting and drawing classes to help artists find the connection, relaxation, and inspiration they've sought. We will provide all the art supplies, music, and painting instruction for each class.

  • Week 1: Introduction to Art, Wellness, and Community with Mirror Drawing
  • Week 2-3: Getting Comfortable with Acrylics and Basics with Abstracts
  • Week 4-5: Exploring Landscape Painting with Acrylics
  • Week 6-7: Personal Expression through Landscapes and Collage
  • Week 8: Celebrating Artistic Journeys and Culminating Event

Course Enhancements:

Wellness Integration: Incorporate relaxation techniques and mindfulness exercises for stress relief and enjoyment throughout the course.

Focused Learning: Emphasize acrylic techniques and landscape painting to provide structure while fostering creativity.

Encouraging Feedback: Promote a supportive environment for participants to share insights and positive feedback.

Creating Community: Provide ample opportunities for participants to connect and forge friendships.

    With the support of sponsorship, we can provide this all-inclusive art experience, including ALL supplies and instruction for the entire eight weeks, plus the culminating event for $55 per participant. 

    Studies say art makes you mentally healthier even if you’re not good at it. We hope you will join us and find the connection, relaxation, and inspiration you’ve sought.

    Sponsorship: Please email or call 435-319-0788 

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