Aija Birzgallis


I was born and lived a significant number of years on Long Island, NY.  Trained as a biologist, I spent my career years working in physiology research at a major university. Imagery always moved me and I eventually discovered photography as a way to explore the shores and marshes of my native island. As my explorations expanded beyond the island, a camera always accompanied me on my journeys. I enjoyed taking a photo, but it was even more fun to print an image. I found deep satisfaction in watching an image emerge with every sweep of the printer head.  My photos were shown in several juried art shows.

I have exchanged the sands of my beloved seashore for the pink sands of southern Utah.  I left my cranky beast of a printer behind. I miss it.  I continue to photograph, but recently picked up a paintbrush. An art class assignment led me to an epiphany: why couldn’t I combine paint and my photographs? My current, second rate printer lends itself nicely to ripped up photos.  So, now I edit photos, not with software, but with a paintbrush.


Mixed media | 10x12
"Burmese Series: Chores & Grace - Conducting Breakfast"
Mixed media | 8x10
"Burmese Series: Chores & Grace - Herding Blossoms"
Mixed media


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