Lizette Byer


We gearheads love our gear-- whether for outdoor recreation, sports, construction, or art. With this piece, I take a playful approach with an assortment of “gear” that a spiritual practitioner might have for their altar or meditation space. I use an old toolbox as the container for these sacred objects which lends itself to an imagined commercialized product, Spiritual Gearbox. The choice of the word “gearbox,” often used in reference to automotive transmissions, is deliberate, the double meaning intending to suggest a spiritual “transmission.”

Spiritual and religious objects have been used throughout history as a means for practitioners to connect with the Divine. While often found on altars and sacred spaces, they also adorn homes as everyday reminders to connect with Divinity. Spiritual objects as decor have become so popular that the current global spiritual and devotional products industry is estimated to be worth over 3.5 billion dollars and is expected to more than double in less than a decade. Spiritual Gearbox is ultimately a commentary on the intersection of the sacred and the profane.


Lizette Byer was born and raised in San Francisco, California, a first-generation American of Filipino immigrants. She is an avid runner and gym rat who often finds inspiration running in the early dawn, a discovery that came through while training for marathons in the San Francisco Bay Area. Lizette graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with degrees in mathematics and philosophy. She enjoyed a long and successful career in high-tech and has worked in engineering and management roles for companies in various industries, from small startups to large global organizations.

In 2015, Lizette stepped away from the corporate world to discover a different way of being in the world. In her words, “I have found my love of wisdom rekindled, along with a passionate desire to live a more authentic life, with greater purpose and meaning.” This desire brought her to Springdale, Utah where the majesty of Zion Canyon’s red rocks is a daily inspiration. Today, Lizette is a certified professional coach and, with her amazing wife, owns and operates 2 Cranes Inn – Zion.

Most recently, Lizette has spent enormous effort trying to revive the creativity she enjoyed in her childhood. Towards this, she volunteers and is currently President of the Zion Canyon Arts & Humanities Council and participates in as many community art classes as she can. In 2022, she was in her very first show, a group exhibition with other community artists. It was at that show’s opening reception that she was called out by her instructor who had heard that she was humbly describing herself as “not an artist.” The instructor’s cheerful words, launched from across the room, “Lizette, you’re so full of sh*t!” continue to encourage her to shift that narrative


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