ART Provides Gallery & Studio Artist Community


  • ART Provides a way of knowing, being, and becoming.
  • ART Provides us new experiences and exposes us to new ways of thinking.
  • It stimulates growth, and paints our world in vibrant colors.
  • It depicts in any amount of detail our understanding of our culture and traditions.
  • It gives voice to the untranslatable.
  • It pushes our boundaries, heals our hurts, softens and deepens our lives.
  • It enriches our memories and makes bare walls exist beyond space and time.

How would you finish this sentence?

ART Provides_______!

Mission Statement

ART Provides

ART Provides________. Is an incomplete sentence that becomes an affirmation. ART Provides is on a quest to answer this question and build bridges between an individual’s external and internal experiences, between one person and another, among groups of people, and between individuals and their cultural contexts. ART Provides creates a culture of creativity. ART Provides diversity and inclusion. ART Provides a safe space to find authenticity in your self and find the courage to do what you love.

We are an offbeat grass roots creative space for artists to network, discuss, learn, and grow together. Photo taken just before one of our recent art openings where we start with a panel discussion with the artists.

ART Provides
Visual Vibrancy

Artists working in any medium, wether emerging or established, self taught or working on their art degree that are interested in showcasing their work are encouraged to apply. Artists showcasing any media you work in including but not limited to Sculpture, Painting, Drawing, Illustration, Fine Art Photography, Mixed Media, Installation, Graphic Design, Creative Writing, Film, and Animation.

If you are a musician we also want to hear from you. We have ongoing events featuring musicians who write original music. Did we mention the space is an old theater with amazing acoustics?!

Photo taken at our monthly signature event

ART Provides
a Culture of Creativity

We believe in the importance, power and positive effect art can make on our community as a whole and on peoples mental and emotional vitality. Whether your creativity is your career, a hobby or a curiosity our goal is to teach people how to let themselves be creative. I hope that I can inspire you today to be a part of an organization that is on a mission to educate, advocate and inspire creativity, mindfulness and facilitate a healing that needs to be cultivated in hopes of a better world.

Photo taken at our monthly signature event "Paint the Music Night" where we give you canvas, paint, brushes and LIVE music!

Take a Look at some of the many amazing WORKING artists we have featured at ART Provides.

testimonial image

All artists copy.

If not they should. There is so much inspiration to draw from in the world. From life, from other artists, from other industries, mediums, ideas. Designers are often inspired by architecture and painters by sculptors. And a great artist hides their source under authenticity that makes it unique.

ART Provides has given me the courage to have a voice with my art. To do what I love even if it feels like no one will get it. Art is my spiritual practice, each mark is a word in a prayer with an intention behind it that will remain within me forever. 

—EL Gunter

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My first art show went well!

On display since we opened is the art exhibit "SCALPEL TO PAPER: CARDBOARD REIMAGINED" by Charlie Pulsipher "

"There is magic in the minuscule, sparking imaginative exploration of hidden worlds we barely see. Miniatures have always fascinated me, and I’m drawn to the unusual, so how could I not transform a material so readily discarded, like cardboard, into something edging on priceless? It takes steady elf hands, natural nearsightedness, and inhuman patience, but each creation is unique, unusual, and beautifully detailed."

Charlie Pulsipher

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Since moving to Southern Utah in 2010, Carol Bold has not only embodied the spirit of the Southwest, she has lived it. She has traveled its winding trails, explored its rough terrain, traversed vast plateaus and broad basins, gazed up towering canyon walls, climbed through deserts of painted rocks, and looked down on the world from the clouds above. Through her vivid use of color, her iconic imagery and her eye for the dramatic, she sets out to capture the beauty of the southwest in way its never been seen.

—Carol Bold

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I Love Painting Clouds & Mountains!

"Matt Pectol is a local artist residing in Southern Utah where he draws inspiration from the surrounding area’s stunning landscape. He is mostly influenced by the Post-Impressionist movement, especially the works of Cezanne, Gauguin, and Van Gogh.

Currently, Matt has been inspired by exploring the National Parks in Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and California.Lately Matt has been using a new method of painting by combining Indian black ink with oil paint. First he starts with drawing out a composition with the ink, and then paints with the oils to create a final work of art. This Method creates a high visual contrast experience for the viewer."

—Matt Pectol

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Tell a Story!

Lizzy fell in love with art at a young age through her childhood storybook illustrations, and was later entranced and by the magical worlds of James C. Christensen. She has gathered inspiration from the works of Maurice Sendak, Beatrix Potter, John Tenniel, and Mary Engelbreit. Lizzy enjoys painting subjects that tell a story, are full of whimsy, bright colors and a little bit of quiet humor. She currently resides with her husband in Apple Valley, Ut and works full time as a freelance artist. 

—Lizzy Nelson

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Making Art is Part of Who I Am.

Making art is part of who I am. My father – whose family helped establish Sheridan Wyoming – taught me to love history, the land and its people, the stars, geology and tectonic plates, and to respect, and learn about, ancient civilizations.

My interests, besides art, range from history, ancient art, archeology, geology, cosmology, how the clouds above the red cli!s in Utah glow pink – reflecting the landscape below, how historical humans survived, and even ancient aliens [you never know] :-) I have baskets of collected rocks, bones gathered on walks with my dog, and an eclectic art collection to feed my passion for living among art. Life, truly, is paved with Roses. 

—Debrah Laux

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Come See My World.

Shirley Smith utilizes her eyes, various digital cameras and post processing techniques along with her sense of wonder to capture the beauty and inspiration of Mother Nature and beyond! Her expertise in digital photography allows Shirley to share these moments and feelings with you, the viewer. Please enjoy her photographic art images that record the world around us by remembering and sharing memories from your own life. Perhaps, you will see a favorite in a different light!

"I want to capture the feelings, colors, and textures the world provides to us to see and experience.I do this through photography (DSLR and Infrared)—Come see my world!”

She is the President of the Color Country Camera Club (St George, UT) and an active member of Arts to Zion (UT), the Southern Utah Artists Guild and Virgin Valley Artists Association (NV).

—Shirley Smith

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A Color Exploration

Ashley Graf is a local Muralist with deep roots in Southern Utah. Her relationship with paint is a romantic one. Realizing she had a love for creating beautiful things she has explored color her whole life. Ashley has a fascination with “Big Art” – walls are her best canvas. As a muralist, she explores new spaces and surfaces enjoying every new challenge that comes her way.

Lately, Ashley has been developing A Color Exploration. Mixing bright, vibrant colors together with cool blues and textures that make your child’s heart sing. She loves statements that encourage a deep dive into the mind and soul of the human experience. She’s on a mission to remind everyone that -what is going on here- our “human-ness”- is a true gift and a completely wild adventure. 

—Ashley Graf

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Brave Your Own Journey

Anne Kellie is a world traveler and nature enthusiast who began painting as an outlet for creative expression.Much of Anne’s work is inspired by Mother Nature, the Cosmos, and the workings of the inner-world- the psyche. Her paintings depict abstract realist scenes that take the viewer on a journey to another world. Anne’s adventure seeking spirit often carries over to her paintings through her use of vibrant colors and scenic imagery. An emerging artist, she hopes to inspire others longing to brave their own journey of self-discovery. As Edmund Hillary said, “It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” After completing the mastery course at Milan Art Institute, she embarked on a voyage into the art world and began her series “The Voyage Home,” which centers around the astronaut exploring the world around and often alluding to the world within.

—Anne Kellie

Why You Should Join ART Provides




  • Send images of 8 pieces of original art from your portfolio
  • Artist BIO & Statement
  • Headshot or picture of you in your studio
  • Feel free to attach workshop ideas / Artists lead projects / Community installation art ideas with your submission - but not required.
  • No previous showings or representation required
  • No we won't own you feel free to show in as many places as you can. Build that CV!
  • Intention and personal goals for you for the three month timeframe. We suggest you pick your top three.
  • $30 non-refundable application fee


  • Gallery space for a term of 6 months in the heart of the downtown St George arts district right on Main St. Optionally you may be a member and not display art to take advantage of all the other benefits. 
  • Shows are curated by the Gallerist Elizabeth Gunter so she's very familliar with the work to speak with potential buyers and will consult with artists as needed on negotiating sales.
  • 30% standard commission. Artists have the opportunity to be shown in the Arts to Zion Showcase and in offsite curated public spaces at 40/% commission rate. 
  • Van Gogh's Ear - Free membership to the artist monthly mastermind and critique
  • The best way to learn is to teach! We have opportunities for you to teach on-sight and off-sight with partnered organizations. If you are interested in having a workshop let us know. 
  • Artists are welcome to come paint live in the space during openings and gallery hours and talk to visitors about their work. Time must be booked in advance. We are not a wet studio, artists must put down tarp and clean up before the end of their time slot.


  • Every artist will be featured individually on the website and the art can be made available for sale online. All online sales are pick up only or artist can optionally provide shipping to their buyer and the gallery can help with these transactions with buyers.
  • Professionally designed branded marketing materials will be shared with you for marketing the exhibit including printed poster for each exhibit. 
  • ART Provides actively seeks free speaking engagements, radio, press releases, and podcast interviews and will mention artists in the exhibit and events
  • Targeted Paid Ads on Facebook and Instagram
  • Long form keyword SEO optimization about you and your work 
  • Continuous stream of visitors attending classes and special events every month
  • ART Provides is proactively seeking ways to get the featured artists works seen, and purchased. Elizabeth is personally available to talk to buyers for private showings, additional information or images. Any suggestions on how we can best serve you and what markets you are trying to reach we will take into account for each exhibit. 
  • Did we forget anything? Contact us for questions. 


The ART Provides Gallery & Studio Community Membership is designed to help you focus and thrive.

We hope to break down barriers and create a unique type of co-op gallery/studio school.

Co-op fee is 55mo for 3-8 pieces depending on size

We offer a term of 6 months in the gallery and on the website for 1 year.


The Gallery commission is just for are sales classes taught in the Studio.

And we are excited about this feature, One 4 hour shift per week means your membership fee is waived. Limited to two artists per 3 months.

- 30% standard commission
- 40% for art sold in the Arts to Zion Showcase

Drop element here!

Current Exhibit

"Art for Arts Sake"

July 1- September 24, 2022

  • Art Talk - Get to know the artists and ask questions
  • Opening with Live Music: Saturday 7/9/22, 6-9 pm 

Open Call

"Works on Wood or Paper"

October 5 - January 7, 2022

  • Art Talk
  • Opening with Live Music

Open Call

"Special Exhibit TBD"

January 12 - February 4, 2023

  • During Arts to Zion TOUR
  • Opening 

Open Call

"Herstory in the Making"

February 11 - March 25, 2023

  • Celebrating Women's Herstory
  • Opening with Live Music: 

Open Call

"Interactive Art"

April 1 - June 24, 2023

  • Art Talk
  • Opening with Live Music: 

Open Call


July 1- September 23, 2023

  • Art Talk
  • Opening with Live Music: 

Open Call

"Inspired by Artists"

October 5 - January 6, 2023

  • Art Talk
  • Opening with Live Music

ART Provides & The St George Area Chamber of Commerce Presents



  • Exhibit is located at the St George Chamber of Commerce
  • Opening- Refreshments & Live Music: 

Arts to Zion Presents

"Arts to Zion Showcase"

Multiple dates Available

  • Exhibit is in the Arts to Zion Showcase
  • Contact for Availability

Let's create something great together!

ART Provides an offbeat creative space for artists and those who love them.

Artists interested in showcasing their work are encouraged to contact us.
 Space is limited, shows are curated.


For questions about submissions please contact us or email or call 435.319.0788